Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps us to express emotions and experiences that are not easily expressed in words. Research and practice have already shown that art therapy offers a variety of physical and mental health benefits. 


We use a range of art methods such as drawing, painting, sculpture and collage, as well as photography and writing. These techniques can be used in conjunction with many therapy approaches to support the work with young children through to older adults. Our focus is not on the end product, but on healing through the creative process itself.


In group sessions, art therapy can be a powerful way to promote social interactions and strengthen a sense of community. Group art therapy can improve our communication skills and help us to better explain our thoughts. We also learn from each other by providing mutual support and working together on creative projects, what leads to increased self-confidence and increased sense of belonging.


In individual art therapy, the therapist can focus on specific needs and challenges of the client (or patient). Art therapy can also be a valuable complement to analytic therapy as it allows us to express ourselves in non-verbal ways and explore contents hidden from our conscious mind. The clients can express themselves and work on their inner conflicts, fears or traumatic experiences and through this creative process, the therapist can help the client to gain new insights about the worked theme, understand themselves better and promote positive changes.


The analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung emphasises the importance of symbols and images for understanding the unconscious. 


According to Jung, art is a language of the unconscious and the creative process is a way of exploring deeper layers of the psyche, bringing hidden content to light. This allows us to discover our individual symbolism, which is of greater importance for analysis, self-knowledge and the process of individuation.


In this way, art therapy supports a holistic approach to the treatment of mental disorders and the development of individuality.