Integral Psychotherapy for people in all stages of a transformative process


My intentions


As a therapist, I wish to promote positive change in the world by helping people experiencing a crisis to better understand and deal with their personal pain. As well as accompanying people in the process of self-knowledge and strengthening of their own identity and purposes, which leads to a life of self-expression and truer experiences.


How I work


You have already taken the first brave step by seeking help. The next step will be a first talk together. 

Taking into account your individuality and the complexity of your current concerns, we will work together to overcome your crisis with the therapeutic tools I can offer you.


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About me


My name is Tayama Ramos da Silva Nielsen. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, lived in the United States as a teenager and still as a young adult, I had the chance to travel around the world. Those travels brought me to Germany, where I have lived since the year 2000. I'm married and mother of two girls.


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