My work as an alternative psychotherapy professional is inspired by the analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, through which I aim to support my clients in the process of understanding and treating the troubles of our human soul, using integrative methodologies that respect the individuality of each person.


Alongside Jungian analysis, I work with methods such as Carl Rogers' person-centered therapy, with elements of art therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and other tools from the transpersonal approach.


How I can help you


Life's crises can be triggered by many different kind of schocks along the way. They can manifest themselves in various forms, such as depression, compulsive disorders or anxiety. Some crises are the result of long-standing internalized pain, while others are caused suddenly by external factors that are beyond our control. And some crises feel like an unsettling sense of meaninglessness, that begins just when everything in life seems to be going according to the plan. The one thing that all crises have in common is that they are potentially transformative forces that can work in our favor.


Some of the crises I can help you with are:

  • Grief and loss 
  • Difficulties adapting to a new life situation
  • Relationship problems with family members or romantic partners
  • Need of a new purpose in life or new perspectives
  • Recurring problems in the social environment or at work
  • Depression, anxiety, extreme worry


Sessions in English, Deutsch, Português.  Online or in person at the practice in Munich.



A brief introductory conversation of around 20 minutes over the phone is free of charge. The first appointment will be charged at 90 euros (60 minutes). The fee for each additional 60-minute individual session is 120 euros.


If you would like help turning your life crisis into a a stepstone, get in touch. I'd be pleased to receive your message.


Please note:


In Germany, the costs of a psychotherapy or counselling with a Heilpraktier für Psychotherapie nach Heilpraktikergesetz (a non-medical professional), are not covered by statutory health insurance funds. Some private insurances (Privatversicherung) cover the costs of a psychotherapy treatment according to the Heilpraktikergesetz in full or in part.


If you have a private insurance, please inquire with your health insurance company in advance about which services are subsidised, which requirements must be met and how the reimbursement is made. Please note that regardless of whether your health insurance reimburses your costs, my bills must be paid in accordance with the information contained in the invoice.